Our CONCEALED FIREARMS PERMIT classes are taught by qualified instructors who have both worked as police officers and have taught the needed skills to police officers to do their jobs.  These instructors now bring their experiences to the table to ensure you get the best class available on the market. 
The class is based upon the Utah State requirements, but delivered by instructors who have many years of experience.  Our instructors have practical experience to answer your questions, address your concerns and most importantly they have many years of instructor experience so that you can understand what you need to know.  You will be provided with all the training materials for your own records at the time of the class so you can reference them as you may need.
The instructional period is a classroom environment and you will not need to bring a weapon to this class.  The classes are scheduled for four (4) hours, but the class will get out when all the material is covered.  Additional courses are available for skills and other student needs for an additional cost.  Please take a look at those courses listed on this website. 
Also, we will provide specialized training or other special requests.
The Utah Concealed Firearms Permit Group Class cost is $200.00 for the four hour class.  You will be required to provide the location, a TV, and the group.  Our fee is flat rate, so you collect the money and pay us one simple fee for the training.  This is absolutely the lowest price on the market, but with the best quality instructors available.
We provide each student with a fingerprint card and take a passport photo.  We will mail the completed packet for each student directly to the state for processing.  Each student will be required to present a form of payment to the Utah State Bureau of Criminal Identification for licensing. 
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Utah Concealed Weapons Permit Class